Theater is a great way to develop one’s creativity : everything is possible on stage, the limit is only the imagination. We can be humans, monsters, magicians, giants or ants, good or evil, happy or sad, rich or poor !

  • In our acting classes, we always welcome ideas and propositions
  • We encourage creativity though progressive games and exercices where students can work with their memories, sensations, dreams, or interact with the ones of the other students
  • When it comes to our theater shows with students, we always include contents created by the students themselves in a « plateau writing process » : through improvisations, texts written by the students and discussion, part of the scenes come from the ideas and words of the participants.

At THEATRA, you’ll be able to experience a creative process from the start to the stage : join our acting classes !

Our ‘Yearly Show Creation’ program is starting at the second half of September in Bratislava. Registrations are already opened ! Contact us to secure a seat in our acting classes and our best rates.